Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Window Shopping-How To Change The Lookers Into The Buyers

Anything can not be more frustrating to any retailer than a shopper who dithers for the time of a week before purchasing and therefore walks away from the mall with nothing. This kind of “just looking” attitude is highly prevalent on the Internet. In fact around half of the online shoppers reject their carts part away through the procedure of checking out.
Adjoining problem is that the internet makes it quite easy for the people to search numerous retail window shopping stores-starting from the mom and pop websites to the giant superstores-to compare all the prices and the products before buying that stuffs actually.
But there are some effective methods of converting these lookers into the effective buyers and to encourage all these lookers to complete the check out procedure. As it is seen that the check out process is not a big factor in the just looking behavior. The prospective buyers anyhow buy the products or services without looking at the steps of the window shopping cart.
So, it is quite important for the sellers or the site owners to look at the window shopping cart through the perspective of the customers and therefore they should address their concerns and questions.
Offer some keyword search function, preferably which is enabled with the descriptive terms meant for all the customers who are in a hurry and want to get the products or services quickly. Otherwise, it would only take a minute for the clients to find out another competitor. Beside, offer your window shopping customer the in detailed product information as you can, by keeping in mind the various buying styles. Apart from that, make it sure that you are offering your clients the photographs of quality good products along with the options like alternative view, zoom out and zoom in. Photographs and the information about the better photographs increase the conversions and confidence of the clients while the rate of returning back items also reduces.
Last but not the least, clearly label the steps of the shopping cart. As an example:
  • Enter the billing and shopping information
  • Enter all the payment details
  • Review the product and place the order.
Besides, send always the auto responder email immediately after confirming the details of the order of the customers and inform your clients about the delivery time of the shipping along with the tracking number.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Window Shopping Apps

Shopping on Internet let the user to scroll through the numerous pages of items and services from various online shopping websites. The products or services offered in the online shopping websites can be grouped by the random display or by the type. Each product which is displayed in the online shopping website has a thumbnail image and when a buyer flicks on the finger left, right, up or down, the images of more products of the same category get loaded. Once the shopper gets something useful for him/her, only tapping on the image would bring up all the detailed information about the product. At the same time, the options of purchasing the item would also be displayed.

What an window shopping app can do?

The window shopping app is a type of tool which help the buyers to buy things from their computers, laptops or iPads. If you are a budget conscious shopper, then you should be aware of the procedure of saving a few bucks on various items which would increase your expense. So, ordering any product online and getting the product at your home can save a good amount of money. For the people who search for the best deals before buying anything finally, various useful mobile apps on the Android or iOS device can result in more saving.

Some of the window shopping apps also allow the shoppers to follow other people and their wishes, and it can organize the wants by tags like book, music, wine, cat, cool, design, beer and many more. These window shopping apps also shows the most popular feeds and the most popular wants of those people the shoppers are following.

By using the window shopping app, one can lack the target of conventional search-and-buy shopping with which all of us are more accustomed with. Window shopping apps are mesmerizing, interesting and easy to scroll through the web pages to check the items. One just need to be aware that watching more things at a time can result in impulsive buying.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How The Online Shopping Has Turned Into The Window Shopping

Window shopping is that activity in which people engages themselves by watching the displays of the stores through the windows. With the easy availability of the internet to most of the people, this days the online shopping has turned into a virtual reality. Being able to do shopping online like one do at the regular stores is the way through which the online shopping has changed into the Window shopping.

When you are looking for any window display, you would get a clear idea of what the store is offering. The displayed items of the shops changed in every season according to the latest trends and also with the change of seasons. This change provides ideas to the shoppers to buy latest items and also to gift latest items to the family members and friends.

But when a shopper is engaging himself or herself in window shopping, he or she need to have time to do the task. A huge percentage of people are engaged every time in this activity during the tea break in the office or while having lunch or while waiting for someone. The window shopping process does not involve any money, but it is an effective method to know your choices and your personality.

The internet also offers a great opportunity for online shopping to the consumers without walking through any regular store. In the online stores, the displays are presented so that the consumers can view the products according to their choices without spending any money. This way the shoppers can also get the benefits of visiting more than one online store at a time.

Now a days, everything has become virtual. As a result, the online shopping has also converted to the window shopping as majority of the people remain online all the time. Here the shopper remains virtually present to the window of any shop through the Internet. The shopper can see various displayed items according to his/her choice and can move freely from one store to another.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Benefits Of Window Shopping

Window shopping is generally an inexpensive and fun filled pastime which is enjoyed by people all around the World. The process of window shopping engages walking through a shopping mall with the purpose of watching the displayed items at the retails stores and without any prior intention of buying anything. People usually plan window shopping to get idea about what are in fashion, to get the idea of what would look good on them or what things would be the best to decorate his/her home or to collect things to buy gifts in future.

Window shopping can not be performed with hurry, so to enjoy the full benefit of this kind of shopping one must pursue it in a leisure pace. The shopping process includes the keen observation of the displayed items, what items are displayed in which shops and the presentation of the items.

The biggest benefit of window shopping is that it does not cost anything. As a reason, anyone can go for this kind of shopping. Window shopping is also considered as safer than ordinary shopping for those impulsive buyers with limited budgets. In window shopping, people can shop as much as they can without the fear of over expenditure.

Another benefit of window shopping is that it can be started at anytime, like while waiting for some friends or family members or while you need to kill the time before the screening time of a movie in the local multiplex.

Apart from the traditional format of window shopping, one can also pursue this shopping at home online. Here the buyer can check out the products online as much as they want to and can spend a quality of pastime. The obvious benefit of this virtual window shopping is that while going through a certain web page, the shopper can bookmark it can use it later.